Letters from Fr John

Eucharistic Ministers and Readers



Dear Friends,

Further to my last letter to you, I wanted now to speak to two groups of parishioners who provide a very important service to our parish. Those who assist me in giving Holy Communion to the people and those who read the word of God during the celebration of Mass. 

Firstly, those who assist with Holy Communion. My first concern is for those who are sick and housebound in our new Parish. Now that restrictions are lifting and home visits are possible again, I would like to find out where the sick and housebound are. Some are known to me, but others are not. I am also in contact with the several nursing and care homes around Formby to find those Catholics who need a visit. 

So in the first place, we need people who are willing to take the Eucharist to the sick. This is the area of greatest need. All three former parishes have Eucharistic ministers on their lists. So I am asking the following;

Have you been acting as a Eucharistic Minister in Our Lady’s, St. Anne’s or St. Jerome’s? Can you let us know the names of those you were visiting before the pandemic? Would you like to continue as a Eucharistic Minister? Are you willing, in the first place, to take the Eucharist to the sick, since this is the area of greatest need? 

If you have not been a Eucharistic Minister previously and would like to offer your service, would you be willing to meet with us to take the matter further?

Just a brief word about the giving of Holy Communion in church. The chalice will not be offered to the people for the foreseeable future. I’m sure none of us will be surprised by that. Holy Communion will be offered in the Host only. Our Lady’s in particular had a number of deeply committed Eucharistic Ministers who assisted Father Bernard during these past years. Thank God, I am relatively fit and healthy and can discharge my duty of giving Holy Communion to the people relatively easily. We are also blessed to have two deacons who, through the laying on of hands, are the first assistants of Holy Communion. So, for now, help will not be needed with the distribution of Holy Communion in the Church. But, of course, it will very likely be needed in the future.

If you are a Eucharistic Minister at the moment or would like to be, then please contact John Mc Carthy. His address will be below this letter. In particular, if you no longer wish to continue as a Eucharistic Minister for any reason, we need to hear from you as well.

Now the Readers of the word of God. As with Eucharistic Ministers, we have been greatly blessed in our Parishes with fine and committed Readers. We need more. So I ask the following;

  • Are you already a Reader? Are you willing to continue? 
  • Would you like to consider becoming a Reader?
  • Are you happy to undergo a period of refreshment or initial training?

Please let us know what you would like, or are able to do, as soon as possible. The email address to send your replies to is:

Thank you very much,

God bless you,

Father John