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Synod 2020

UPDATE 12 November
Dear All,
SYNOD 2020 – Just a little reminder to send in via email the proposals and affirmations you were most drawn to in each of the themes of Synod 2020. For each theme you are asked to give no more than 5 proposals and 2 affirmations. All 5 proposals don’t have to be aligned to your 2 affirmations. I will enter all choices onto a spreadsheet and forward the same to the Archdiocesan Synod team. This needs to be to them by 7th December so please ensure that I receive your choices in time.
On or about the 1st December it is my intention to circulate the completed spreadsheet highlighting the two affirmations and five proposals in each theme where it appears you have all been most drawn to.  This may not be that clear and so I might have to ask those who have sent in their choices to have a look again but this time only at the proposals and affirmations that we have all been most drawn to, in order that we provide only 2 affirmations and 5 proposals for each theme. I will be supplying the Synod team with our choices and the spreadsheet with the overall view of our parishes.

The themes are below together with the affirmations and proposals.
Thank you

On Saturday June 19th 2021 420 people gathered for a zoom meeting. This was the meeting of the Synod of the Archdiocese of Liverpool.

Read all about it here or visit the website.

Dear All,

Please find below the four themes of Synod 2020 and the current proposals that we are asked to discern, in order that we as a church can learn and develop and move forward. You may have heard Fr. John speak at Mass last Saturday and Sunday, you were present or took part on the live-stream, or you may have seen them here or on the Formby Catholic Community Facebook page.

The phrase, proposals that you are most drawn to’ is used very specifically in all the paraphernalia surrounding the Synod because the church wants you to listen to your heart and in the light of this listening ask yourself: What are the affirmations and proposals I am most drawn to? 

Having discerned the proposals that you are most drawn to, please forward your responses to me by 30th November. This can be done via email or leaving your response either in the mail boxes at either St. Jerome’s or Our Lady of Compassion or in the boxes left at the back of church.

Archbishop Malcolm has asked of us all the following: ‘I need each of you to play your part in discerning the next steps forward. At the beginning of December each Synod Member will have to indicate which of the ideas and issues that they are most drawn to. They will need your input to do this faithfully. This will then enable us to present to you, in March, the Synod Proposals to be voted on in June. After June we will work on drawing up a Pastoral Plan in the light of the Synod Proposals which will be promulgated at the start of Advent 2021.’ 

Let us ask Christ to be our Light and guide us on our journey.
God Bless

Synod 2020

The Synod Sunday resources – including the summary of proposals and affirmations – have now been published on the Synod website. In response to several queries from Members we have produced four leaflets for easy distribution containing the summaries for each Theme. These are downloadable from the website. A short film has been produced celebrating Synod Sunday: View the film on YouTube.